Quality and environment management policy, in function of goal achievement, is an integral and indivisible part of the commercial policy and company’s vision, which is based on the systematic quality development, constant improvement of its efficiency, ongoing care for customer satisfaction, and an environment friendly approach:

Organisation of the company has to be suitable for the set quality goals and environmental management,

Quality of the products is our strategic objective. The products have to satisfy all the requirements of our customers, and they also have to be in accordance with technical requirements, because our good reference is conditional for the good reputation of our company, and also for environment protection,

Constant improvement of the quality management and environment policy systems, working conditions and technological equipment of work places is the basis to encourage a more quality work and achieving the satisfaction of all employees,

Relations with suppliers and buyers are based on mutual respect, trust, common interests and friendship,

An effective company’s operation and quality assurance with optimal costs are the basis for a successful quality management and to ensure the necessary resources for the operation of the environment management policy,

We take care for an ongoing education of all employees of the company, which is the basis for achieving the quality and a correct relationship with the environment,

Under consideration of the given standards we use only the best and environmental friendly materials, and equipment for the production of our products,

Systematic and on-time control of achieved set goals for quality and environmental management, and a prompt correction of deviations,

The set quality management system has to be up-to-date, documented, accessible and understandable to all our employees and general public.

Maribor; Date: 06.02.2017


The quality is an integral part of company management and it signifies the aspiration for constant improvement of all ongoing processes in the company. We also validate the high level of quality with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. With that we are oriented towards realisation of satisfaction of our customers, employees, and the environment in which we operate.


The goals of the quality management system are constant improvement of product and service quality, so we could achieve the following:

  • Conformity with the requirements and expectations of our customers,
  • To create long-term partner relationships with clients and suppliers,
  • To increase the added value of our products,
  • To achieve suitable motivation all the employees, their progress and personal growth,
  • To reduce the quantity of waste,
  • To rationalize the use of energy sources and
  • To use environment friendly raw materials.
Certificate 1

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate 1
Certificate 1
Certificate 1
Certificate 1

Measuring equipment

  • 3D scanner ATOS TRIPLE SCAN
  • coordinate measuring machine ZEISS ACCURA
  • coordinate measuring machine ZEISS DURAMAX
  • vertical profile projector MITUTOYO PJ-A 3000
  • dual optical & video measuring system VISION ENGINEERING SWIFT DUO
  • image dimension measurement system KEYENCE IM-6000
  • measuring arm FARO POWER GAGE